505 days, 37 border crossings, 26 countries, 77,000 km!

In an instant we have passed though an invisible curtain. We’ve very definitely just left Asia behind. We can feel it in the Autumn that’s in full swing, as well as see it in the shape and colour of people’s faces and eyes.

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To the Heavens, to the Moon, to the People

The celebrations for our 19th wedding anniversary, left us awaking with our first hangover in months, crawling out of bed and making coffee, still warmly wrapped up against the bitter cold, we are greeted by two chirpy hitchhikers heading to the border. It’s too early to be chirpy and we’re too fuzzy headed to understand Continue reading

The Waiting Game & Happy Reunions

Returning to Kyrgyzstan, one of the top countries of our tour to date, we were warmly welcomed at the cold border of Torugart and quickly stamped into the country in record timing: five minutes for the passports and another five minutes waiting for the soldier to complete our entry papers for the car: all in Russian, so he did them for us!

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